My Faire Week – 1

                During my first week of the faire I had some fun adventures and even made up my own little game. I call it “Creators in the Wilds”, which basically means that I tried to photo any faire creators while they were out and about on the fairelands. It’s not as easy as it sounds because all games have rules. The rules for my game are…

  1. No Photos without permission
  2. No photos taken at events (this would make it too easy)

Maybe next year I will change it up and do selfies with creators, though that may be more intrusive.

As a special bonus I got a faire minister too!

                I also hit up a few events during the week as well, you know when my non-digital life would allow it. I attended a lecture or lesson, whatever you want to call it about the mythos of centaurs. It was really enlightening, and I learned that Chiron was the centaur equivalent of Yoda (at least that is how my brain linked them).

There was some dancing on the Fairechylde, which I enticed a friend to join me at. I also got called out for my tendency to like even numbers in the RFL kiosks. I can’t help it, it’s one of the quirks that make me well me.

I went to see some shows too, there was a particle dance that had audience participation.

Another dance to classical music

A merballet

And finally the Jail and Bail of Alia with the bus ride of doom afterwards. If you have even been on a post bail bus ride you understand.

And fret not, the quest will have its own post…as soon as I finish it.

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