Lady Amanita

Allow me to introduce you to the most fungi lady to grace the pages of this blog, Lady Amanita. She is a little put out that she wasn’t invited to the big event today, but she was quite pleased with her place among the flowers. At least she was until the pollen started to bother her. Fungal spores are no issue, but when the flowers start shooting pollen all over she just can not take it. They did provide cover to watch the festivities, so it wasn’t a total loss.

After the festivities she took a little promenade in the gardens to soak up the warm rays of sunshine. That is the story she told me, but I think it’s more likely she was trying to show off her fabulous look. Only ladies wear pearls according to Lady A, but I am not sold on that. I have been known to wear pearls and I am no lady.


Avatar: BeSpoke – Mushroom Amanita – Avatar ( at Fantasy Faire)

Dress: PunkinBlend– Amanita Dress (Blue Floral) ( at Fantasy Faire)

Necklace: ^^Swallow^^ Luxury Necklace

As a side note, I was running around last weekend shopping at Lady A and was told I was adorable and made someone’s day so I suggest shrooming up!

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