First Day at the Faire

I am going to start by showcasing the most talked about cow in all the fairelands and then moooove onto my adventures. Sorry I couldn’t pass up the chance at that pun. Now when I arrived at Fairelands Junction I followed the path to see the Worldlings since they are one of my favorite things. I have plans for a special photo with those later so stay tuned. I think I wandered counter clockwise as my faire alter ego of the day Emogene the Emo Elf.

As I was wandering I came across a bunch of dragon hatchlings, but I wasn’t about to stick around to see if the mama or papa would be returning soon. I didn’t want to be dragon chow before the faire really got going!

I continued on my way, and as I wandered I decided to play a special game. It was called “How many times can I mess up?”, and I decided to count the number of times I got lost, crashed, or just fell through things. For the record I was there for blogger day which is before the faire opens to everyone so there were growing pains that caused falling into spaces (only 4 times!) Now some fairelands are not for the faint of heart, or being high as a kite. I had surgery on my hip a little over a week ago so pain meds are my friends.

You can see how something like this would mess with your head. It still freaks me out a little if I am being honest. Now when I was at the fair there were a few sims that were still dressing and asked for no photos and I had to respect their wishes so there are some sims that will be a complete surprise. Then again so will these since I didn’t tell you which ones they are. Think of it as a special little scavenger hunt to keep you entertained as you shop and wait for the quest to begin!

There is one sim that has a genie and man that one was giving me issues. I am pretty sure the genie cursed my computer because every time I tried to get a photo of him my computer would glitch and crash (total number of cursed crashes 5). So I cheated and used a different computer and got a picture and then everything was fine. For the record it was an issue with my computer and not the sim.

You didn’t think I would not post a picture of the genie did you? After completing my battle with the genie I adventured onwards some more. I only got lost a three times which I think is a record low for me. Yes there are paths you can follow so you doing get lost, but I am likely to get distracted by anything that catches my eye and I wander off the path. A big bad wolf would have a field day with me, luckily I didn’t run into any of them…yet.

I don’t know what this fairy was going through, but man I was starting to feel her. As I stated earlier I had hip surgery recently so getting tuckered out is easy to do. Next week I will have a full round up of all the things I have done during the first week of the faire so stay tuned for that. Oh and let me know if you spot any of the places from my photos!


Dress and Jacket: [MF] Moon City – Mori ( at Fantasy Faire)

Boots: white river co. – Pale September Boots (Coal)

Necklace: ” BADA “ Moon A Necklace

Rings and Nails: **RE** Elektra Nails & Rings

Hair: Wasabi // Ella Mesh Hair

Head: LeLUTKA Avalon Head

Head Applier: [Heaux] Ivy – Dark Brows – Ghost *VE [Special Edition]

Eyeshadow: Hexed – Olimpia Eyeshadow GREY ( at Fantasy Faire)

Lipstick: Blume. Truffles Lipstain (Pack 2)

Eyes: Banana Banshee – Marienne – ( at Fantasy Faire)

Body: Maitreya Mesh Body – Lara

Poses: [piXit] Sai – Pose Pack